Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New Goals

In 2010 I had a lot of lofty goals. It is fun to look back and see how far I have come and realize that many of my goals are not resolutions, but life long goals. Much of what I was striving for is still in process and probably will be for quite sometime. As I was reading through this list I see that I accomplished a few of these things. We aren't pregnant! We have never gone this long in our whole marriage with out being preggers for this long. So that is a big deal. However, God has a great sense of humor because we did save up a down payment on a new home. With which he showed us that it is not our money and he called us to start the adoption process. So, 2011 we hope that our family WILL grow and we will finally have our sister!

Other goals were to have Asher potty trained which was accomplished some where around April/May! Home school is an adventure. Isaac is starting to read and we are getting more consistent about what it needs to look like. I am so thankful for all my friends who have already done this and are willing to share their wisdom. I love having my kids home. Dan and I are trying to decide if we think Isaac is ready for actual Kindergarten. The blessing of homeschool is we can train him at the rate that works for him. There is no way he would thrive in all day school at this point. :)

Organizing is a constant process for us. I feel like as soon as I get something to work we mess up something else. So, this year I am hoping to continue to purge all unneeded stuff. This is getting easier as Levi gets bigger. We have gotten rid of each wardrobe after he moves through it. We still have little space as Isaac just keeps getting bigger our big boy clothes are expanding. I am learning though not to have quite as large a wardrobe for each size. If I can have a week of clothes for each size we are good.

This year I am keeping many of my goals simple. Many of them are similar to last years maybe with a bit of grace built in.
-Take note of all God's lessons. God has taught me so much in 2010. I want to make sure I have my eyes, ears, and heart open to what it is He has to show me. I am learning that each day looks a little different. Some days I get up early and get a quiet time alone. I read, journal, and just get some amazing time with the Lord. Other days I wake up to kids jumping on me screaming for breakfast, no one naps, and the words quiet or alone don't always happen. So, those days time with God looks a little more...out of the box. Some days my time with the Lord comes with a story Bible or kids devotional.  But He has something for me in it all. I don't want to miss any of it wishing it looked different.

-Find and stick with a schedule that works. School, chores, naps need to all somehow fit. We are getting closer to this. I am realizing school at this point only needs to happen around 3-4 times a week to accomplish all I want to so this has flexibility.

-Early to bed, earlier to rise. We struggle with going to bed on time. It has been a constant goal to get to bed before midnight. I am really hoping to start a new 10:30 bed time. I will work toward it. I also hope to get up earlier. I know I do better when I get up before the kids to have a quiet time and start some chores, but it is not my favorite thing. I love me some sleep! So, again this is a goal I am working toward.

-Eating healthier and losing weight. This started last year. I fluctated a lot, but I am coming out about 15lbs down. I'm hoping to keep losing this year, but I really want to focus on healthy eating and exercise not just dieting.

-Fund the adoption! I have this as a goal, but the reality is this is a prayer. We can do all we can, but only God can make this happen. We have been so blessed by all the fund raisers and the amazing generosity of our friends. We know God has our back on this.

-Bring home our baby! Again this is another thing we have no control over, but we are praying 2011 is the year we can say we brought home our little girl. This will be a great year!

Ok, so this is a little lighter than last year and a little more vague. Here's to 2011 the year of being realistic! :)

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