Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lovey Bear

Each of my kids have special loveys. Isaac attached to a lovey bear early. So of course, we had one for Asher. His was blue so we could distinguish between them. By the time Levi rolled around I think every one sent us some form of lovey. (Blanket with an animal head attached. Sounds creepy, but they are cute.) Levi chose his favorite. He is a man of taste and he chose the softest lovey we had been given. He loves it...A LOT! So we found a back up that is also soft. However, now he thinks he should have all times. 

 Levi even feels the need to eat with them. If you take them away he yells "EEEEE" (lovey)
 He will put them around his neck and walk around like a cape.
Not gonna lie, though. I think it is precious He is such a sweet boy and he loves to cuddle. His is so precious. I just love how sweet my baby boy it.

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