Monday, January 19, 2009

My boys and their love of sports

I grew up in a house of women. Aside from my poor father there were women everywhere. So having boys is a new experience every day. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the constant need to be throwing, kicking, hitting, aiming, winning. I read "Bringing up Boys". I have listened to mothers of boys, but I am still in awe. A toy phone can be a tennis racket. A stick goes from golf club to baseball bat and back again. If it is round it is a ball, and thus it must be thrown.

Both my boys have learned ball as one of their first words. They are able to identify a football from a basketball from a soccer ball. And with little to no instruction throw or kick each in the correct form. I have yet to find any sport that has not appealed to them.

I have found it is not worth wasting money on expensive toys because if given the choice of a video game or a ball the ball always wins. I know that girls are this way with baby dolls and dress up. I am just amazed over and over again at how such a simple piece of round material can bring such joy to a boy. I am learning to keep my eyes open for I never know when something will come flying at me from across the room. I'm sure someday I will wonder where all the balls went. I'm sure when the boys grow and there are no longer 30 different color, shapes, sizes, and textures of balls around my house I will miss it. I also know before the boys are gone it will only get worse. I realize that my garage will soon look like a sporting goods store threw up. I look forward to all the adventures that these boys bring. I realize how different boys are from girls. I think it is so fun to watch how our Lord created us to be different. I'm so thankful for the ability to see what that looks like up close and personal.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Tonight I asked Isaac if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. After some debating he told me a baby sister. I asked him what we should name the baby.

He said, "Zaccheus, because he was little like the baby. "

11 weeks

Well, I am 11 weeks and 1 day. I still feel pretty gross. I wish I could say I am getting a little better, but it almost feels worse. I feel like all I do is complain. Poor Dan is left to run the house while I sit in my chair and moan. He is such a good husband and daddy. The boys are missing my attention though. It is emotionally draining not to have the energy to play with them. They only sit and play for a few mins. before they want to play ball or run or jump. Ah, boys...

We had a doctor's appt yesterday, and we heard the baby's heart beat. Everything is going well baby wise. I just wish I didn't feel so yucky all the time.

Snow Jesus.

The other night we took the boys out to play in the snow. I told Isaac to make a snow angel. He made one and was so excited. He made a second one. I asked if he was making more angels. "No, Mommy I'm making snow Jesus." I love the funny stuff he says.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pregnancy is YUCKY!!!

I'm not one of those women who glow. In fact I think in my first trimester I'm more a shade of green. I shower only every few days and throw up without stop. This pregnancy has been no exception to the rule. While I am puking less this time around I still feel continually sick. I am slowly wondering if this should be my last pregnancy. I have always wanted a large family, but this is no fun! I'm not ruling out adoption, but the first three months make me want to crawl in a hole. I am not the mom or wife I want to be. We eat out. The house is a mess. But worst of all is the lack of time I get to spend with my family. I hate that Isaac is seeming so attention starved he begs me to play with him. Asher is still beautifully unaware due to his age, but not Dan. My poor hubby is left to do dishes and pick up while I groan in misery. I feel like I do so much complaining. I'm just ready for the light at the end of the tunnel...I'm almost 10 weeks so relief is coming...I hope.