Friday, February 27, 2009

Money, money, money and entertainment

So for anyone who knows me you know I like to save money. I use coupons, shop sales, sign up for coupons, etc. I love being a stay at home mom, but to do that today you have to get creative sometimes. When we first moved to OH we decided to use my husband's salary as our living expenses. We assumed I would get a job at first to cover all the fun stuff and extras. Well, God knows better than we do and we found out we were pregnant almost immediately after we got settled in. I became horribly sick and was not able to work so we have learned how to have fun for cheap or free.

We are blessed because the area we live has so much to offer for FREE. Here are a few of the things we do frequently on a very minimal entertainment budget.

Utilize your library- Our library allows us to borrow movies for free. We borrow books, music, dvds, video games all free. Also, story time is a great thing to do with young kids, and again, it's free. Our library system has different great programs with crafts, songs, story, snack, and friends. Also, there are adult classes, family activities, summer book reading programs all FREE. So if you like fun free activities this is one of your first places to check out.

Park systems- We also have an amazing parks department in our area. There are several wonderful parks offering many fun programs for kids and adults. We have a working farm with a petting zoo which is one of my kids favorites we can go any time and see the animals have a picnic play on the playground and have a great day all for free. Many of the programs they offer are for wide age range and teach kids some very cool stuff.

Children's museums/zoos- We became a member of our local children's museum. For the cost of about two visits we can come anytime for a year. It also allows us access to other venues for free or discounted tickets. If you know you will attend enough this is a good option for inexpensive.

Churches/community- Around the holidays many churches or neighborhoods put on fun festivals for free or inexpensive. Keep your ears open for free Easter egg hunts, Christmas carnivals, turkey trots, etc. Also, many churches offer programs such as Awana for kids. I personally love the idea of a fun environment for my kids to learn scripture.

Watch for free food promotions- I am not ashamed to dress like a burrito for free Chipotle on Halloween. Or to dress like a cow at chick fil A for a free meal. These are so much fun if you get a group of friends together and go. Not only will you have fun, but you get free dinner. What's not to love.

Well, speaking of entertainment, my time is up. My 18 month old is now wanting my attention. So I will go entertain him. Or maybe he will be the one entertaining me.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

15 weeks

Ok so I am 15 weeks and 2 days along. Still feeling a little icky, but I get really good days here and there so I'm hoping it keeps getting better. Today Dan let me sleep all morning. He is so good to me. he even brought me breakfast in bed. Now everyone else is napping and I'm trying to think about lunch. Maybe salad and baked potato.

We find out on March 17 what the sex of the baby is. I'm so excited to know. I really want a little girl, but I will be happy either way. So long as everyone is healthy. I'm so curious. I need to figure out my list of needs, wants, and to do's.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If I had a million dollars

So what would you do if some one came up handed you a million dollars. Then said it is yours with no strings attached. What would you do with it?

I would tithe the first ten percent.
Then I would pay off our house, and buy our dream home. A house that would fit our family and have room for lots of guests. A house with a huge open gathering room so we could have lots of people over.
Then I would use what was left to help pay off our parents homes. If by some chance there was anything left I would take advantage of the economy and buy a few other houses. Why not.

I love dreaming about a dream house. The idea of being debt free is nice too. :) I want a house with enough rooms to house our kids. I love decorating kids rooms. I want a huge playroom. I want to have stations and a bulletin board. I want a welcoming home where everyone feels welcome and my kids love to come home to. I want to have people always in my home laughing and enjoying themselves. I want my home to be a haven; not just for my family, but for anyone who needs a safe place. That is my dream house.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So...Tues I had a girls night at the Melting Pot. Yay for restaurant week so I can afford it. I had so much fun hanging out with some of my girl friends. It was like a 3 hour dinner, but we never ran out of things to talk about. Imagine that.

My poor Asher is sick. He seems like he is doing better, but he is still having poop issues. So we are going to the doctor today to just check if everything is ok. Unfortunately, that means Dan and I will miss our date night. :( We were going to to to Carver's with some friends, but sick babies take priority. Oh well, someday we they will be all grown up and we will miss them.

I am so behind on laundry. I need my mother in law to visit. She always gets it done really fast. I'm so impressed. I'm not that good. I think since we are staying home tonight we will try to get the house clean. Until 9; then it is time for Grey's/ private practice 2 hour event. OH SO EXCITED!

I really need to shower while the kids are napping, but I am so unmotivated. I did load the dishwasher and put away 3 loads of laundry this morning. Trust me for me that is impressive right now. I'm finally starting to feel normaller (I don't think that is a word). I will be 14 weeks tomorrow. I'm hoping life will go back to feeling good soon.

I really need to pull out my maternity clothes. I'm running out of what fits. I am getting bigger much faster this time around. I'm not sure if it is the third baby or the spacing or just the food I eat when I don't feel like cooking. I need to start watching it again. I feel like I took two months off of eating well. Ironic since these months are so important.

I am really ready to be back to life as I knew it before I got pregnant. I know I feel like this every time. I always feel like life slips away for awhile, but it always goes back. Just with one more person to figure in. :)

I have to start taking still pictures again. Dan bought us a video camera and now that is all we use. I have no new pics to post. :(

Ok now I need to go get ready to go to the doctor.