Monday, January 31, 2011

My not so frugal side

I love a good deal. I think coupons are my love language. If it's free I am all about it. However, today as I was mopping my floor I was thinking about some of my not so frugal splurges. I think it should be known that I have been known to skip a deal for convenience. Some of that is just necessity, but some of it is that those little splurges make my life easier. I thought I'd share a few of my fave things that are usually not the least expensive way to go.

-Swiffer wet jet is something I use in place of a mop many times. It is so easy and I can do all my mopping in less than 15 mins. Now, this is not as thorough as hands and knees rags and bucket, but in my reality those kind of floor cleaning happens rarely. So, if I want my floors at mopped this little invention makes me happy. I do use coupons, but even so those little pads and solution refills are not free.

-Crockpot liners are also not super cheap, but they make clean up so easy! I love these little baggies. Especially with my freezer cooking. Now dinner is so easy I could jump up and down. Ah, it is the little things.

-Gas is an area we could do better with. We drive a lot. I try to run all my errands at once, but as a stay at home mom I don't really do a ton of staying at home. We do try to do any gas loyalty programs we can to get as much discount as we can, but gas is a big money sucker in our home.

-Starbucks is a treat I love to splurge on. Oh, the mocha makes me so happy. So expensive. So worth it. (once in awhile)

Those are are a few of the ways I splurge here and there. I try to save in other areas so I can spend a little extra on other areas.

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