Monday, January 10, 2011

My crazy ponderings

I have started reading Genesis. I love Genesis. It is Sunday school revisited for me. I love the history and the stories. So fun. Today I was reading about the fall. A few things struck me. Every time I read this section I think it is so sad that we only get 3 chapters before man sins. It is all down hill from there. Good thing we have Revelation at the end to let us know that GOD WINS! :)

So, any how I am reading and it always seems strange to me that Eve is not concerned with the talking serpent. I mean, should that maybe be a hint that something isn't right that the thing is talking to her? Or do you think that was normal pre fall for animals to have cconverstaions with folks. Now, I am sitting here picturing a gorgeous Narnia. Like Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe Hawaii. So, I am stuck thinking about the talking animals. I know there is so much more meat in this part of the Bible, but this morning I am giggling over my hot chocolate at my picture of Eden with talking animals. :)

Yes, I know, it is a good thing I don't write Biblical commentary. Some days the mom brain wins and this is what I process.

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