Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A quick peek

I'm hoping to get a little more of our Christmas pics up soon. Until  then here are a few of our December happenings. 
Levi was given his first Ice cream cone. He was very happy about it too.
Asher loved the big guy. I mean LOVED him. We don't "do" a lot of Santa in our house, but my love for him has been passed down to my second born. He is the only one who sat on Santa's lap this year. Asher spotted him at CFA one night and had to go meet him in person.
I passed on my deep love of hot chocolate to the eldest of my brood. Isaac loves any chance to drink the dream beverage. Of course, just like his mom, he understands the importance of whipped cream on top. Here he is drinking a cup from my personal fave hot cocoa in the world. South Bend Chocolate Cafe. Oh, it is like a melted chocolate bar. SOOOOOO good. As you can see Isaac agrees.

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