Thursday, January 20, 2011

Halos for horns

Oh, my sweet baby. We are at the sad sad age. For some reason something happens to my each of my precious babies around 18 months. Levi is unfortunately no exception. He is throwing everything. Pulling folded laundry down. Screaming constantly at me. Hitting. And the one thing that he wants constantly is milk.

This phase has come with each child. It is an age full of energy. He is learning new skills (like throwing). He wants to participate and be helpful (by pulling laundry down). He is trying to communicate (by screaming). He is expressing his needs (milk, milk, and more milk).

The great part about this round of scary toddler is that I'M NOT PREGNANT! That has always been one of the major struggles with this age. Hopefully God will give me more patience and wisdom this round. I know I will need it.

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