Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Working with what I have

So, in my ongoing battle to get my house in organized, clean and functional shape. Today I tried to repurpose some of what I had around the house (piled in the garage) to help organize some or our ever growing clutter. The before pictures are really bad and honestly they don't usually look like this, but I figured I'd show the worst first. :)

The fridge had gotten a little out of control. My kids love putting things on here, but I hate when it gets this crazy so I needed to get it cleared off for my own sanity.

I had this dry erase board in my garage so and I decided this was an ok place for it. I wanted somewhere to keep a central info station. Still not completely clutter free, but it works for now and I didn't have to spend any money to make it look better.

Another issue we have around here is all our bags. Back packs, shopping bags, lunch bags, and there hasn't been a good home for them yet. So, I'm going to try this system. This is the door to our garage it is attached to our dining room so it is convenient for stuff I need in the kitchen (lunch boxes and aprons) and all our stuff we need for school. We'll see if this ends up being functional. It isn't as pretty as I would like, but it doesn't take up space we don't have and again it is something we had and I didn't have to spend more money so for now I like it.
The last issue I worked on today is shoes. I have my shoes in our front closet (since we have no space for them upstairs). The boys shoes have been in an over the door shoe rack, but I was finding they weren't getting put away. I had an extra three drawer in the garage so I put this in the closet with my shoes. Hopefully this will be easier for them and I won't have to chase down shoes through the house. I'm hoping to use some of the letter stickers I have to make this a little cuter, but house church starts soon so I had to focus on more important things (brownies...) I'm hoping to fix some of our other organizational issues soon (MY DESK) with what I have here. I wish some of it looked prettier, but I do love the price.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu planning Monday

So, I wasn't sure how I felt about freezer  cooking, but let me tell you it has made my life much easier. Menu planning has gotten a lot easier. This weekend we will eat out a bit since we will be going to our home town for the Purdue vs ND game. Boiler up everyone.

Angel chicken over pasta

picnic at the park
House church- dessert

chicken nuggets
Ham and green beans

English muffin pizzas
Island chicken and stirfry

sandwiches on the road


cook out and possible eat out on the road home.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family fun

Today we got to go to an amusement park for Dan's company picnic. It is always fun to spend time with my family. I know the boys had a fun time. 
Isaac got to play with his friend Elyssa. He loves to spend time with her. 
Isaac and Asher got to ride some fun rides together. 
I love watching them being buddies. I love how close they are.
Asher waiting for the bumper cars.
Levi's first ride. 
Isaac striking a pose.
Having fun on the bumper cars. Over all we had lots of fun. I can't believe we were there from open to close. The boys did great. I love watching them have fun. So today was a great day.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Have you played noodlette yet? If you do you can win coupons for Kraft Mac and Cheese. At my house this is a must have in stock item. Check it out and you could win.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Yoplait splitz prize pack

My blog spark contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing and giving away a prize pack from Yoplait Splitz. Of course, I was very excited to do so. I received my prize pack a few days later with a fun fleece picnic blanket, an insulated picnic bag and a coupon for a free pack of Yoplait Splitz.

Last night I ran out to Meijer and let the boys choose which flavor they wanted. They have Strawberry Sundae, Strawberry Banana Split, and Rainbow Sherbet. My kids went for Rainbow Sherbet. So today as a special treat they got to have fun yogurt. My boys love yogurt and I love that I can give them a treat that has vitamin D and calcium. 

The boys loved it. Isaac said it tasted like strawberry whipped cream and asked for more. Asher just inhaled and nodded when I asked 
if it was yummy.

I was very excited that the pack included an insulated bag since I have been saying I want to get one for picnics and the like. The one they sent me was a maroon color. Not my first pick, but Dan won't mind carrying it. He many not have been as excited to carry a bag that was bright pink. :)

Now, the great part is that Yoplait is also providing a prize pack for me to give away to one of you! They also have provide a link to get a coupon (you know how much I love coupons) for $0.75 off  any flavor yoplait splitz. http://www.myblogspark.com/uc/main/7b3a/

Not sure why, but coupon does not appear to be working right now. So sorry!

So, you ask how do you win such a great prize. Well there are 3 ways to enter with up to 3 chances to win.

1 Leave me a comment on this post with which flavor you'd like to try. 
2. Follow this blog and leave a comment letting me know you did/do so. If  you are already a follower that counts just leave a comment letting me know.
3. Post about this giveaway on facebook and then leave a comment letting me know you did so. 

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday Sept 1, 2010 at 3pm. I will post the winner by Friday Sept 3. Please be sure to leave check back to see if you are the winner. Good luck!

Monday, August 23, 2010

My boys

Oh, how I love these faces. They keep a mommy busy, but they also make me smile. 

We picked the name Isaac because it means "he will laugh". That he does. So does every one around him. He is such a bundle of energy and joy. He looks so much like his daddy, but acts so much like his mommy. 

Asher is the sweetest most bull headed child I've ever met...after his Aunt Emily. He is so smart, so fun, so loving, so stubborn. He is a walking contradiction. One minute he is playing the next minute he is crying. He is so independent. I'm constantly amazed at how fast he learns and how much more he understands than what he is given credit for. He is my cuddler and my helper. And he is oh so cute. 

My sweet little man. Levi means harmony and this kid lives up to it. I love that he is so easy going. He has such a peaceful spirit. He loves to be held, but is content most times if he needs to play by himself. He is growing everyday. He is walking more and more. Scooting up and down stairs. He loves to dance. He loves to laugh and his contagious smile is almost always on his face. 

I love my boys.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just so you know

Here are a few facts about me...
I love music I can dance to. 
I love to dance
I'm a really bad dancer...like, not good at all
Sometimes the noise in my house stresses me out
My ironic cure for this stress is to turn on obnoxiously loud music and dance badly
I love a clean house
My house is rarely clean
Sometimes during nap time I will clean a room and just stare at it because it won't be clean soon. 
I enjoy chaos...sometimes
I live out chaos most of the time
The best therapy for me is chocolate preferably in the form of cheesecake
If chocolate is not available ice cream works
I love being girly
It is not uncommon for me to go at least two days with out a shower
I started dating my husband when I was 17
I am still best friends with my best friend from middle school
I would live in sweat pants most days if I could get away with it. 
I love to cook, bake, grocery shop and menu plan.
I love shopping.
A good deal makes me happy
Free makes me happier
I love playing board games with friends. 
I work with teens
I talk to my mom at least 3 times a day. 
I talk to my grandma and sister at least once a week.
Usually I talk to them all more than that. 
Most of my closest friends live in other states. 
This works well for vacation purposes. 
When I grow up I want to be like my grandma. 
My day is always easier when I start it out spending time with my Jesus
I hate debt
I hope to have no mortgage by my forties
I cry easily at movies
Cow appreciation day is one of my favorite holidays. Free CFA equals happiness
happiness is cuddling in bed with my whole family
I love everything about fall
I love my friends. I'm blessed with amazing friends
My kids make me laugh everyday
I view grocery shopping as a mini vacation. 
I try and go to the grocery store kid free. Sometimes I add an iced coffee for pure bliss. 
I love the Bible, but the fact that mine has a pink cover makes me love it that much more
I sometimes mix up what year my children were born
My favorite job ever was being a photographer at picture people
I still some days want 7 kids
Some days I only want 2...  :)
I've been married 6 years
I still refer to myself by my maiden name sometimes. 
I hate mopping and try to only do it when I am sticking to the floor
This happens a lot more often than I wish it did.
If I had a million dollars I would probably be really boring with it and pay off our house, fund our adoption, and save the rest.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why I love my job

This morning I woke up with a 2 year old in my bed. This has started to become a morning ritual. Every morning Asher crawls in bed with me and Dan. Then he stays when Dan gets up to get ready for work. This is how I start getting ready for work. I cuddle and snuggle sometimes for a long time sometimes for only a minute. Then the milk demands begin.

Usually Levi will start to fuss. So, I get up and get him a drink. Once I'm out of bed that is Asher's cue to get up as well. Asher's love language is milk so he begins his day asking (demanding) for milk. After we have a conversation about how you ask nicely I move back down the stairs to get him a cup of milk.

I have always know Isaac is a lot like his momma. His sleep is no exception. Usually he will slowly make his way downstairs when he hears noise and thinks he might be missing something. It takes Isaac a few minutes to wake up, but once he is awake he is usually happy go lucky and ready to go somewhere and do something.

After doling out breakfast I start cleaning it up while a pack of kids runs down to the toy room. From upstairs I hear the pretending. Asher makes his toys talk to each other. There is always a mommy and a daddy. Isaac finds a  toy to play with and starts leading a game. Levi squeals with delight as he gets into his big brother's toys. All happy noises for about 5 minutes.

Then there is a fight. Then there is a fall. Then there are kissing boo boos and giving time outs. There is the fight to get shoes on so we can get where we need to get on time. We're late again. The constant questions of what will we do today and why do we have to do that. The excitement of getting what they want and the teaching of how to handle disappointment when it isn't going how they like.

My job is never dull. There are dishes to be done, laundry to be processed, diapers to be changed, bottoms to be wiped, beds to be made, boo boos to kiss, lunches to pack, parks to be explored, groceries to buy, school to be taught, deep cleaning to think about doing someday, budgets to adjust, and so much more. There are lots of ups and downs sandwiched in the middle. The lag between nap and daddy walking in the door can sometimes seem like an eternity, and yet I love this job.

In the midst of the chaos there are cuddles. In the midst of the whining there are teachable moments. In the midst of the mess there is fun. I know that this is a season. Someday all too soon Saturday mornings won't consist of our whole family piling on mom and dad's bed to snuggle/wrestle. Someday all too soon there won't be out of control running around my kitchen while I desperately attempt to make something nutritious that is in budget and everyone will eat.

For now though I wake up to a two year old in my bed and get lots of kisses before bed time. All the ups and downs are sandwiched between cuddles and kisses. Who wouldn't love that job.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Free post its

Do you use post its? I know we do. Well, if you are going to Target, Walmart or Kmart this week you can score some free post it pads. Just print this coupon for $1. Since they are on sale for $1 they would be free with coupon! YAY! Best part is this is a PDF so you can print as many as you want.

I try and be thoughtful of others and not clear the shelves though.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My baby boy

I just love my little man. I can't believe he is a year old already. I missed his actual birthday on here, but he is officially one year. I love how sweet he is. This year has gone so fast. Levi is such a happy, loving, and fun little boy. I love watching him grow and can't wait to see what awesome things God has in store for him. I love you baby boy.