Monday, November 29, 2010

CVS this week

So a few highlights for this week at CVS are outlined over here. In case you are wondering here is my plan of attack.

Transaction #1
Complete contact solution $9.99
Free after ECB

Transaction #2
Pampers and Dawn deal outlined by

I really am in need of Diapers so this should work out well and free contact solution is always good. :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa's got a message for you

Do you want to watch some magic. Well, the portable North Pole is a great place to stat. I just did one of these awesome videos for Isaac and he was so thrilled we kept watching over and over again. They do such a good job. Santa will do a personal message to each kid.  Check it out here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yay for vacations!

We have been having lots of fun on our trip to Florida. We are visiting some of our good friends and it has been so much fun watching our kids play together.
Asher found Elise's dress up clothes. 
 Here are all of our kids together. They are getting so big.
 Little man and Carter
 This is Eliza. Isn't she precious!
 All the babies are getting so big.
 Katie playing dolls.
 Dress up

 We went to the park to get a little fresh air.

My girl! I love her. I love watching all the kids playing. It is so fun to see them be such good friends.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu planning Monday

Monday- Tortilla soup
Tuesday- House church side Mixed veggies
Wednesday- Sandwiches
Thursday- Buffalo chicken, potatoes, and salad
Friday- Bravo!!!!!!!
Saturday- road tripping it

Low key week

Well, Kroger has been good to me the past two weeks. I will not run out of pasta, mac n cheese, or canned goods for quite some time now. I have saved $195.65 and spent $69.71 in my past two week shopping trips. I do love me a mega event.

We are getting ready for an exciting week though. We will be spending some time with friends and then heading out of town for a few days for Thanksgiving. So, it is a week I must let the good deals go. There are many out there, but this week I will say goodbye to the good buys so that i can get packed and eat down my mountain of food which I have accumulated.

I may have to make a quick run out for a few of the diaper sales going on this week. After all the amazon deals going around a few months back I thought I had diapers through potty training. I am sad to say that I have to buy more.

I hope every one else enjoys their deal hunting. There are many to be had out there. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

better late...

So, I still haven't put up Halloween pictures of my cuties.  So, I thought I would show them off. They are just too cute!

Happy Halloween...better late than never.

A day in the life.

We spent today at home.  Which lately is a little unusual. We slept in and didn't get moving until 8. Then we went through 10 eggs (mommy gets one of these) for breakfast. Next we moved on to some finger painting mostly because it had been awhile.

Then the boys played while I did a little ( should have been a lot more) laundry. I was feeling like baking so next we made an apple pie. The boys were a big help. :) I found a recipe for an apple crunch  pie. It looks yummy and I really ready for dessert tonight.

Asher and Levi were down for a nap so Isaac and I worked on some school. I thought today I would try my hand at a little lap booking. I found a sight with some free templates and I printed one for If you give a moose a muffin.

I think we will try and do some more of the lap book style learning once in awhile. Isaac had fun and it was good to work on some of our small motor skills which he still struggles with. He was very proud of his work. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Free Ronzoni and other great deals

This week Kroger is back with some amazing deals. Some great stock ups for your pantry. If you have room for pasta there are peel off coupons next to some of the boxes for a dollar off the garden style. When you buy 10 items these are marked down to $.79/each making them a money maker. See all the deals at I was excited about the cheap canned tomatoes, chicken broth, and cream soups. Happy shopping!

Freebie: Veggie tales Christmas

Amazon has a bunch of free music available for download right now. Including this Veggie Tales Christmas CD. My kids are listening to it right now. We love us some veggie tales so I thought I'd share.

Thanks, Amber!