Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Hair cut

 Oh this girl! I love her and all her adorable faces so so much. The other night one of our sweet friends, who is also a stylist, was gracious enough to come to our home and cut hair.
 She was able to straighten it so we could see length and what was dead ends. I snapped a few shots with her straight hair since it was a different look.

 Little girl did wonderful. She loves the attention, and she loves primping so it was a good combo for her.

 Doesn't she just look like a little doll baby! Oh, so much cuteness.
Now her hair is all healthy. We probably won't straighten it again for awhile because I am in love with her curls. I'm hoping that the freshening up will help her hair to keep growing. We are having lots of fun with learning to do her hair. It is so fun having a girl!


 We love our zoo pass! This year we were able to get a pass to the Cincinnati zoo. We have loved having it. They do a fun event for Halloween. We dressed the kids up and they Trick Or Treated around the zoo while checking out all the animals.
 Indiana Jones

She cracks me up. She loves the fake fangs. 

It was a fun family day. We usually go during the week with friends, but it was so special to go with Daddy. The kids love that special time. I love the memories we made. 


Wow, October has flown by! We have been having so much fun that I didn't take the time to blog about it.
 We tried out a fun farm near our house. It is was fun to enjoy a pretty fall day with the play equipment and running around.
 They have a dragon wagon the kids all rode. Amelia thought this was so much fun.
 Levi with the pumpkins
 Bubba with the pumpkins

 We also hit up Tom's maze. Dan's mom was in town so it was fun to have Grandma join us.
 Hiding in the corn

The boys at the corn maze. 

We love all the fun fall things. We've carved pumpkins, we've drank cider, we've gone to a college football game. So far we are on track for a fun filled fall.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Making Applesauce

One of my friends made a trip to an orchard this weekend, and brought home a bushel and a half of apples.
Yoga pants are our Monday uniform. Don't mind the mess. We were making dinner and making applesauce. It gets a little rough looking for a bit, but it's better now.

We did lots of cutting and boiling.
We borrowed a Victorio Strainer from a friends. It made it so easy to strain the peels and cores from the applesauce. This thing was great.

We had several bowls like this and we just kept swapping them out.
Tami packaged while I churned. We make a good team. 
All the while the kids all watched a movie and messed up the living room. Don't worry, that is cleaned up too.

We ended up with 18 quarts. It ended up costing $0.58/quart. A quart of applesauce at the store is at least $2.00. I'd say that is a good night's work.

Free Samples

Just another reason why I love Target. They have some fun samples today. Go here and you can request a sample for Airborne, Simple facial products, and Snapple K cup. I love getting samples in the mail. It's like presents for grown ups. Hey, it's the little things.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Fun

We went to a park this weekend and shot a few pictures. My kiddos are growing so fast I can hardly believe it! I love seeing how much they change. Isaac with his lost tooth, Bubba with his many poses, Little Man looking like a big boy. Amelia is even changing. I can't get over how much she has changed in just three months home.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Boiler Up!

We are Purdue fans. Each year we go to the Purdue vs Notre Dame game. This year it was at Purdue. My two biggest boys got to join their daddy in the game while mom stayed at the tail gate with the littles. We met up with Dan's parents, sister and brother in law, and some friends for the game.

 Me with my girl, Austin, and baby Drew.
 Watching the band play before the game.
 Purdue Pete times four.
 At the game. They got a bottomless Sprite. It was a good day. :)
 Bubba and Brady playing war. Tailgate fun.

Austin was hiding his Irish side under his Purdue jersey. His mom is a ND fan, and Daddy is a Boiler. They are a house divided.

Even though Purdue didn't win we had a great time. We love being on campus. It was so fun to introduce Amelia to our family tradition.