Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Freezer cook

Time again for another freezer cook!  The daddys took the kids out so we could work! We tend to get more done without four little ones running around. We have good husbands that are willing to help.
Tami is perky and ready to go early in the morning. This is her shredding chicken for our Mexican Casserole. This looked yummy!
Here is most of the pantry goods that would turn into all our yummy meals.
So much Chicken

This is the sauce for the yummy Mexican Casserole.

Loaded Potato soup looks good.
Tami may or may not be dancing while cooking. You know that's how we roll.
Proof I was there.
Don't these look so good!

So after about 7 hours we ended up with 31 meals each (62 total). Here was the line up:

Most made two meals for each of us (four total). A few of the meals gave us three. Now my freezer is full and I am happy.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

School day fun

I haven't been posting quite as much lately. I wanted to give an update on what we are doing in school. We are still enjoying K12 this year. Isaac has done an amazing job with the work. He is all the way done with Kindergarten math, phonics and language arts. He has moved into the first grade level and is still doing awesome. I love the literature program that they use. The phonics program is pretty good, but I supplement a bit with where we need to work more and skip some they focus on since we have it mastered. While I like some of the math program I find myself looking for some other ways to cover concepts just a little differently. Overall, though I think this really works for us for now.
Something fun we've been doing is reading through the little house books. I am so excited to start these with my boys. I loved this series as a little girl and it is so fun reading them again.
Bubba is very excited about school also. He is moving along so well. Bubba loves to feel like a big kid, and I love watching how excited he gets to learn.

Then there is little man. He is keeping me on my toes. He wants to do school too. Much of his seat work is coloring and art. This kid may be my artist. He wants to draw all day long. He sits longer than either of the other boys did at his age. That is so encouraging!

We are having a hard time feeling quite as motivated to work after the holidays, but little by little we are getting back into a routine. So, that is what we've been up to.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Close call

So, Little man is now 2 and a half. Kind of crazy. I'm trying to figure out which of his brothers he will closest follow when it comes to potty training. #1 HATED potty training. He loathed it. He screamed cried and refused until he was well past three. Seriously, this was my biggest prayer concern for months. I was terrified the kid would go to college in diapers. Round 2 was so easy I missed it. I found him one day sitting on the potty. He had taken off his diaper thrown it away put on a pair of his brothers underwear and we were done. That was it. He was 2!

So, the past few days we have been testing the waters a little. After nap when I change the baby he gets to wear underwear for a little bit. Usually about an hour. He thinks it's fun, and it is good to start the foundation. However, today in my forgetfulness I put him in underwear and put his pants back on. Then we played, ate dinner, and went to the store. I forgot completely he was not in a diaper...oops. Thankfully he didn't have an accident and he happily sat on the potty before bed. No luck, but so glad he stayed dry that long. This could be the beginning of something wonderful.

Things I love Thursday

So, I have only had a chance to use this once, but I'm pretty sure I'm in love. I recently learned about this stuff called "dry shampoo". You spray it in, leave it for about two minutes and brush it out. Voila! you have clean hair. So, if you do your hair the day before and don't want to start over this is a great solution. I had straightened my hair yesterday and I didn't want to do my hair again today. A few sprays and I was grease free and good to go! YAY! I bought some at Target for about $4, but I found it here on Amazon for just under $3 if you use subscribe and save. I am so excited to have a quick fix when I run out of time!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I love Thursday: Cuddles

This morning I got up and went to the Y for a run. When I got home the house was quiet and dark. I quietly went back to my dark room to find a sleeping hubby. I knew it was time for him to get up (45 mins ago) so I started chatting with him a bit.

After only about two minutes I heard the creaking of a door. Tiny footsteps, and then quiet. My little man was my early riser this morning. He crept out of his bed, but had stopped at the stairs because it was all dark. So, I went to pick him up. He snuggled close and softly started patting my back. He is so sweet. He always does this. Cuddles with soft pats or back rubs. Seriously, melts a momma's heart.  I brought him back to our room and we all got a little cuddle time. We were soon joined by Bubba. I love our group cuddle times. I love when they all pile in our bed and snuggle under the covers. I love having all my little boys pile for sweet moments that turn into crazy wrestling.

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