Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been trying to figure out a reward system for our kids. 
I feel like they are too young for a straight up allowance, but I wanted a system in place to reward good behavior and punish unacceptable behavior. 
So here is what I came up with. I'm sure it isn't a new idea, but it is to us. 
I went to Flower Factory and bought a roll of raffle tickets for $5.
When one of the boys does a good job on chores, school, obedience, and has a happy heart about it they can earn a ticket. 
When they choose to complain or disobey or be unkind they have to give me a ticket.
We set up these bags so they are in control of keeping their own tickets. 
It isn't fancy or amazing, but it seems to be working well.
They are rewarded based on the number of tickets they have. 
5=pick out of prize box
15=special dessert
Does any one else have a cool system in place for your kids I'd love to hear what every one else does.

My day

Today we are staying home. 
I haven't done a very good job of that lately, and since we had a change of plans today I felt like staying at home was a good idea. 
So I was able to enjoy some yummy coffee this morning. 
I'm loving the fall weather. Aren't the boys vests cute? I love them looking like little men. 
We had waffles for breakfast courtesy of my freezer meal exchange last night. 
Yesterday we got our fundraiser magnets in the mail. I love them! We will be selling these, necklaces, and key chains to help raise funds for our adoption. I just love looking at this and thinking about my daughter. 
We were able to get the boys chores done with our new ticket system we just started and we had school this morning. I love when they are doing a great job together. Levi is napping this morning. He is cutting some teeth and not feeling super great. 

Soon we will be having some lunch and then hopefully nap time will go well. I'm hoping to get a little couponing and cleaning done during naps. Dan is working late tonight so I am glad I have meals already ready in my freezer for dinner so I don't have to cook. :) I'm so thankful for a quiet day at home once in awhile. I love being out and about, but I need to remember to rest some times.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Asher is 3!

I am a little late to post this, but yesterday was his party, so it hadn't yet felt like a birthday. 
Three years ago I had our second little boy. 
We named him Asher because it means Happy. 
He looked like my grandfather and acts like him to.
He thinks like his father.
He is passionate, focused, cuddly, and crazy. 
He is amazingly perceptive. 
I love his smile. He is so ornery.
He is a lover of characters. 
He is loves to figure out how and why things work. 
He is a helper...sometimes. :)
He loves to pick out his own clothes and has very interesting fashion. 
He is excitable. He loves music and dancing.
He has a quick temper, but is also quick to hug. 
I love his sense of humor. 
I love his creative side. 
I just love him. 

So yesterday we celebrated our little Bubba. 
Spiderman was the theme (since Walmart didn't carry Thomas)
We had friends, chili, cupcakes, ice cream, presents, and had the chance to thank God for giving us such a great little guy. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amazon Deal!

Scotch(TM) Thermal Laminator 15.5 in x 6.75 in x 3.75 in 2 roller system (TL901)Ok, so I found an exciting deal that I know will come in handy with homeschooling! Amazon has this laminator for only $17.99 ! I snagged one up because you never know how long it will last. Plus, it looks like it is getting rave reviews, which is always a plus. Just thought I'd pass it on.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee makes me happy

If you like coffee you may want to check out the new coupon out for Caribou this weekend only. It is a buy one get one free.I went a few weeks ago for a half price deal they were running and they have a lot of fun drinks that are really creative. I love that they have snickers as a topping. YUM!

Free shampoo sample

Go here for a free sample of Garnier Fructis Anti dandruff shampoo. I love free samples! This is a sample through Walmart. Don't forget to check out if they have any other samples you might be interested in available.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School days

Here are the boys with their puzzles. They love table toys. 

We have been enjoying doing school. Here are few pictures of our day today. I am in the process of trying to figure out the best way to organize all our school supplies. My dilemma is that our playroom is also our school room. So I need a set up that keeps kids out of school stuff when it isn't school time.
School is hard work. Here are the boys working hard on their coloring sheet. 

Weekend getaway

So, I know we haven't been on in awhile, but we have been BUSY. All fun busy, but going going non stop. Here is just a bit of what all has been going on here. 
Our friends Jason and Mandy got married last weekend and Dan had the privilege of officiating the ceremony. We were able to stay in this gorgeous room and Dan treated me to a wonderful weekend. He ordered me us these yummy chocolate covered strawberries and had the staff put rose petals out. It was so nice to get away with Dan alone for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out with each other. The inn we stayed in looked over the marina and we were so close to the beach. We got to spend time walking around the cute little town and spend some time on walking around on the beach. 

I just love this man. He is so good to me. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to him. 
While the hubby and I got to getaway we left the boys in the capable hands of my mom, grandma, and sister. Levi loved Grandma's piano.
Kisses from Aunt Emmy.

Helping Gigi get eggs from the chickens. 
With my sister and Grandma

Aren't they all so handsome. 
We got to go to Dan's parents house and we spent the morning of Asher's birthday there. Can't believe my Bubba is 3!
Then we got home and had to start the unpacking. Ah, joys.
Apparently it was quite the crazy weekend because this is what happened at dinner on Monday. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

This man...

I love him more every day.
He is patient beyond imagination.
I love when he smiles.
He is my best friend.
I couldn't have dreamed up a better daddy.
He works so hard for us.
He takes amazing care of us.
He pushes me daily to love my Jesus more. 
He is such an amazing husband and I am so blessed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Adoption stuff

I just wanted to remind every one about our adoption blog. We try and keep it updated with all things adoption. If you are interested in what is going on feel free to catch up here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Notebook for 2.99 shipped

Snapfish has some really cute notebooks and you can get them for FREE only paying $2.99 for shipping (plus tax). Here's how:

Go to your Snapfish account and sign in.
Go to stationary and click on notebooks.
Design your notebook and go to checkout
Use the coupon code WOW10OFF.

Your total should just be shipping and tax. Enjoy and remember Christmas is right around the corner.

Thomas Playdate...

When Dan and I found out we were having a boy we decided that we were not huge character people. I started my protest of characters with baby items. No Pooh Bear was in my kid's nursery or clothing. The next big one we avoided was Thomas the train. He was so expensive and it seemed like every kid we knew was obsessed.

This worked with Isaac until Spiderman and the rebirth of Toy Story, but Asher is a character kid. Especially Thomas. So, as good parents we have allowed the train to reign in our house. He will be the theme of Asher's birthday party and he is on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

So, all that to say this. If your child is also a Thomas fan then you may want to make your way over to Toys R Us this Saturday from 11-1. There will be a Thomas play date. All the info is here if you are interested.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vocal Point samples

Are you a member of vocalpoint? If you are check and see if you have sample offers available. I had two offers in my box one for downy the other for Kashi cereal. I love some freebies!

If you aren't a member yet you really should sign up. Vocal Point sends some great samples and some times full size products.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cheesecake for a cause!

Ok, so if you know me you know that I love so much it is not healthy really like Cheesecake. My fave is probably Cheesecake factory. Well, guess what. Right now they are giving away cheesecake if you are willing to donate $5 to Feeding America.

Now, I know this isn't free cheesecake, but it is discounted (if you only give $5 you can give more.) Plus, I have it on good authority (my own made up idea) that calories eaten for a good cause don't count.

Check it out for yourself here. Enjoy!

First day of Tuesday School

The big boys started there first full day of Tuesday school today. 

They are getting so big so fast.  Isaac is 4 and he is so funny. I love his love for people and his crazy, fun loving, energetic personality.

Asher will be three in only a few days. How did that happen! He is becoming quite the character. He is a handful and a sweetheart all at the same time. 
Then we picked up Brody. It is so funny to listen to these three having a conversation in the backseat.  I am beginning to understand how my dad felt when he drove car pool.

They all went into their class with no looking back. They did not need me to help with anything. While this is a little sad. I had Levi clinging to my shirt so, it's kind of nice to see some growing independence. So, here's to a great year of school. I know there will be lots of great stories and laughs as the year progresses. 

For comparison sake here is what our first day looked like last year. Time flies.