Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting organized...again

This week is the home school conference that I have been super excited about. I have been trying to prepare to make sure that I get the most out of my time there. Dan and I have been looking at which sessions we want to check out. We have our hotel room booked, and grandma is coming to watch the boys (woo hoo time with my man!) I am working on my final shopping list for the exhibit hall.

I am also working on getting my act together in our school area. If you have been reading for any amount of time you will know I organize, rearrange, and declutter our overflowing basement all the time. Now that we are officially going to be starting Kindergarten I feel like I really need to have the school side in serious shape.
We are using these side tables from IKEA as desks for the moment. We will hopefully be using some desks I had as a kid soon. For now it keeps them each happy and gives them their own work space.

These are our work bags. I am using the workboxes model, but we are going to start by using these hanging bags. For us this saves space since ours is so limited.

I have my Kindergarten My Father's World broken into weeks. Each week has a file folder that I can keep books, lap books and other activities in as I come across them.

Then I have a binder which holds all our worksheets. Each week is labeled and during my prep I will pull the week's sheets out and put them in each day's folders.

I am looking forward to getting all our curriculum figured out for this year, but it is fun trying to figure out what works best with what we have for now.

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