Monday, March 21, 2011


Tonight I got home and Dan had put the boys to bed. I heard Asher whining a bit. I went up to check on him and asked if he wanted to go potty. I sent him in and slowly got up (Since I have a bum ankle at the moment). I heard him in the bathroom and it didn't sound right. I walk in to find him peeing on our bathroom vanity/cupboard! All over it and the floor and the kid's stool. UGH!

So try to stop and move him and he breaks into a delirious laughter. I know he is half asleep, and honestly it was a little funny. Dan came running up because he heard me yelling. He was about to get really mad at Asher until I told him he was basically still asleep. At that point we all started laughing and Asher went back into his bed. Ah, the joy of boys.

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