Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We just finished the creation unit last week. I thought I'd share a few highlights. 
Each day we read from the Bible about what God created on each day. 

 Isaac had the job of cutting out our creation number and gluing it to a poster we made. Each boy colored a picture to represent what God created that day and we made a book out of the coloring sheets. 
On day five we made bird's nests with rice krispie treats and rice noodles. 
Each boy got a peep and some eggs. 

 They loved to eat their treats.
 Isaac has been working on cutting on the line. He is doing a very good job.
 Yes, I know his hair is out of control. He got it cut yesterday.
The boys were very excited to have the poster all finished. It is now hung up with our art work. :)

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