Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tuesday School

Tonight was Tuesday school graduation day. Both Isaac and Asher went up with their classes and sang and put on a very nice show for all the mommies and daddies, and friends, and family. We love Tuesday school. It is a free program which is put on by Cross View Christian Church. They have a volunteer staff which helps put on a free preschool for the community. The boys have learned lots and have lots of fun. Each week they have music, recreation, art, and time in their assigned classes.

This is my big boy. He will be doing one more year of Tuesday school. Even though he will technically be in Kindergarten I still plan on sending him next year for a chance to experience a classroom setting and be instructed by other adults. He did so good tonight. He loved singing and dancing. He is so full of energy and joy. I love it.

My Bubba boy. He is growing up as well. He started learning his ABC's this year. He loved the puzzles and enjoyed it when it was his turn to be the line leader. He will be starting his second year next year.
If you live in the Dayton area and are interested in a free preschool for your kiddos. Tuesday school begins open registration on Tuesday March 29 from 9-11. If you can't make it then you can go to the church during business hours and fill out an application. They do run on a first come first serve basis so hurry as they fill up FAST!


Amber said...

when is isaac 5? not sure if you read the fine print on registration, but if kids are old enough for an early 5 program or kindergarten they aren't able to be in tues school this next year. apparently this was their last year to do it. i was so bummed to learn that maya won't be able to since she'll be 5 in august and technically old enough for K. and silas is too young by a month so we are tuesday school-less this next year. i'm in mourning!!!!

iheartdeals said...

Dan filled out the applications so I didn't see the fine print. Bummer.