Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another one bites the dust.

We are in a bad way over here. First my baby is hurt and has a cast. And now I felt the need to join him. So, Dan and I took a trip back home to IN this weekend. Dan had the opportunity to go to the Purdue game in Chicago with his dad. The kids and I went up north with him and took the chance to see the grandparents.

Saturday Dan and I were going to go walk the river walk alone, since Grandma was going to take the boys home to nap. We will take any chance we can to have a little time alone. Before we headed out though Dan wanted to check something out at his parents office. I got out of the car and in two steps trip in a hole in the parking lot.

A few hours later we finished up at the ER and I was off splinted and on crutches. So, now there are two gimps in our house. Hopefully my ankle will heal quickly, and we will be back to normal two legged status.

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