Friday, September 30, 2011


I have trouble focusing. Shocker, I know. However, yesterday was really bad. I slept in a bit. I knew I had a to do list, but let me tell you how it went down. 

Wake up in the morning
Strip sheets from bed, gather towels, put away laundry. 
So far so good.
Get down stairs and enjoy some coffee...
and here's where we go down hill.
Breakfast and chores for boys
Start school
Check blogs while starting school 
Leave school for a few minutes to go to the garage. I'm sure I had some frames I could use. 
I lose the attention of my kindergartner who is now "taking a play break"
So, I print, cut and frame these...

Then I remember I have laundry to do. 
Go up to get the hampers and smell something. 
Take a bag of dirty diapers to the garage.
Forget about laundry because I see this. 
Since I took his picture I had to take another
Time to load dishes and run the dishwasher
Then I realize the pile of dirt in the hall because of the rain
At this point it is now lunch time
So I check pintrest...
Then I make some lunch for the boys
Send them up for naps
Think about doing school
and watch Up All Night instead...
When I'm done I call Isaac down and we finally do his school. 

I feel like I live in an "If you give a moose a muffin book".

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