Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Warning I am a little whiny today. This post shows it. 

Do you ever have one of those days where you would like to call redo? Today is that day. My mom and grandma left this morning at 6 am without saying goodbye. They were in town before my mom took my grandma south for the winter. So I was bummed at 6:15 when I realized I was up early and they were already gone.

Then all the boys woke up cranky. REALLY cranky. So I let them chill with some PBS to get rid of the grumpies. It didn't work. So I attempted to get started on our day. I stripped the beds, I put away laundry, I cleaned up breakfast, and asked the boys to do their morning chores. It is now 12:00 and they are still working on those same chores. There have been tears and fits and more yelling than I care to admit. We haven't even started school. The house is still not clean for house church tonight. I have already eaten 2 cupcakes today (every one deals with stress some how). The boys have already given up all their allowance/loot coins for the is only Wednesday.

Then there is little man...I should call him little naked man. He has pulled off all of his clothes several times today. Then he wants to sit on the potty. Trouble is he doesn't understand what the potty is for so he runs his naked little butt into my living room and pees on the floor! So then I run him up to the potty and he screams like it bit him.  After he gets off he pees in the toy room. Again put him on the potty. Potty strikes fear in his heart. So now I try a pull up. My other boys loved pull ups. They have cars on them. Not little man. The pull up is the devil according to him. So he pulls that off. I told him to go get mommy a diaper. He proceeds to go to his room pee in there and lay on his bed with a diaper until I discover both the pee and the naked boy. UGH.

Then I go to the mailbox. i love getting the mail. I'm a nerd, I know. I start to flip through and a HUGEHAIRYGROSSNASTYHORRIDEVILBROWNBIGUGLY spider crawls out and falls on my floor. I smacked him dead with an envelope, but GROSS!

It can only get better....I hope.

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Amber said...

rough day over here too. maybe we should try swapping kids?! i prob wouldn't yell at your kids :) and i have learned to shake the mail as i get it out of the box because spiders are always in our box...gross! hope your day improves!!!