Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Funny boys

This morning as the boys were rolling around in the living room one of them came across a treasure under the couch. First out came a hairbrush. Then a retainer holder. My oldest then goes into a speech that went something like this...

Look, I found Grandma's hairbrush...Everyone leaves stuff here. I mean, I think people think that this is somewhere to just drop your junk and leave. Well, it isn't! I am tired of people leaving their stuff here!

Well, if that is how you feel about it.

Then a little later we were dancing while picking up and listening to some Alvin and the Chipmunks. Isaac pulled out his Bible. He opens to Psalms and tells me that this is where there are songs in the Bible.

At this point I am super proud mama. Not only does my kid know what the Psalms are, but he can find the book! Yep, he's pretty awesome...

Then he points to Psalm 113 and tells me this is the one Alvin sings about the witch doctor...and I'm back to being humbled.

Then there is my Bubba. Apparently he was told to save the kisses for his mommy. He was caught kissing a little girl in his class (on the cheek). When I asked him about it he shrugged and said, "yeah, I did that". I asked the name of the little girl and he didn't know... Great this is starting too young.

Then after lunch he told me he was all done. He went up to his bed and got a book. When I went to check on him he was laying in nothing put his under wear looking at a book like that was completely normal. Ah, boys...

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