Monday, September 26, 2011

I love Kindergarten

As I said we decided to use the K12 curriculum this year for Kindergarten. I am love love loving it. I love that Isaac loves the computer. I love that I love the books they use to teach. I love that Bubba can sit right next to us and learn right along with his big brother. I love that I can get most of it done between Sesame Street and nap time. (All hail PBS kids).

Today in History (which at this point is more like geography). We talked about France. We studied Paris and many of the famous landmarks. The majority of our lesson was based off of one of my fave childhood books...MADELINE!
I love sharing books with my kids. Plus, I loved seeing the illustrations in a new light. As a kid I never realized that many of the sights of Paris were drawn through out the book. We spent time talking about each "sight". After each trip we stamp our passports. I love that Isaac asks me if we can visit each place. It makes me really want to go see the world with my kids...maybe someday. We are loving doing school each day. I know Isaac is learning lots and I am too.

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