Friday, September 30, 2011

snack sneaker

With child number three things slip. You know the things you were very careful to work on with number one don't get quiet as much attention. For example, snacking. Hubby came home the other night and I heard him ask "what do you have there?". Followed by "My wife, could you come here for a moment." I came up to see what was going on. And sitting on our couch here is what I saw...

Yeah, that would be the rest of a loaf of banana bread. He helped himself. He pulled the pan off the counter, unwrapped it, put the pan back and sat on the couch watching PBS with his snack...He is a pretty adorable little thief, though.

This is starting to show in other ways though. He is now the one his brothers send in for the goods. I set out a bag of breakfast cookies today from the freezer cook we did the month. Little man was the life of the party sharing them with his brothers. Ah, the joys of mothering.