Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday shortcuts

Lately Dan has been working a lot. Today unfortunately he had to go in to work after church so I have had to cut a few corners to keep my sanity. Since Sunday is after all the day of rest I thought I would share with you a few shortcuts to help you get through your day. These may or may not be things that have happened in our house today, but they probably did.

Wake up with approx. 1 hour until you need to leave for church to get there early and get all your kids to their classes. Perfect that leaves lots of space for a shower (in case you haven't taken one in like 3 days). First run down and preheat the oven so you can throw in some need to get used up so you don't eat them  in a moment of desperation for sugar cinnamon rolls. While in the shower mentally pick wardrobe for church.
Shortcut #1
Go with leggings so you only have to shave about two inches above your ankles.

Arrive at church 20 mins late...

After church if you need to run to the store and all went smooth. Get your kids buckled up and get ready to go. If for some reason your 3 year old starts screaming that he has to PEE RIGHT NOW!!! but you don't feel like getting every one out and going back in. That's ok
Just let said three year old hop out and pee in the sewer drain next to your car. Stand very close and make it look like you are both looking at a bug or something else. No one will know and this whole process will only take about two minutes with no one peeing themselves. Don't judge me!

When you return to your home with your family and your 18 month old is covered in a full beard of chocolate from the cookie you got to keep him quiet in the store. Don't worry about it.
Shortcut #3
Stick him in bed and wash the sheet after nap time. Between the milk he drools out and his sweaty head you know the sheet will need it anyway. Plus, that sweat may aid in getting the chocolate off his face.

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