Friday, February 25, 2011

My Fave!

I just saw this and I had to share! Family Christian has The Jesus Story book Bible on sale for 50% off. It is marked down to only $12.49! This is my favorite kids Bible. It was given to us by our friend and it is a huge favorite around our place. We loved it so much that we bought the deluxe set (which is what this is) with the audio. The kids love this.

A cool idea I saw was to use this as a kids quiet time. Isaac loves his Bible time. He sits with head phones and listens to the stories while following along. It is a great way to start the habit of spending time each day with Jesus. We also will play the CDs in the car and since now we have two books the boys can each read along. 

The thing I love about this Bible vs. other children story Bibles is that Jesus is tied in through every story. From creation to the cross it is explained how Jesus is the Hero of the story. The illustrations are fun and the stories are worded in a way that helps kids understand. We love this, and hope you do too!

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Tony and Jonelle said...

We were introduced to this book while in our Intro to Theology seminary class for Crusade. A weird way to find out about it, but every since getting to look through it, it's been a favorite of mine too! :)