Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another brilliant idea...kind of

My oldest has been growing like a weed. So much so that he was only in size 5 for about 3 weeks before we had to do something! So I went out and spent that month's clothing cash on pants that I had to have right then. Which means I had to spend more than 1 a pair. :) So, I was able to get 7 pair of pants (including 2 pair of sweat/athletic pants). I figured this was a great solution. If I only have to store a weeks worth of clothes it isn't cramming the closets, I will keep up on laundry better, and when it comes time to store the clothes for the next kid there is a lot less to take up what little storage we have.

This has worked for the most part. The only downside is that I have to keep up on the laundry. Assuming I do a load a day on our hamper rotation every one has the clothes they need. Until...our dryer went out. Now, I have drying racks, but we do laundry in bulk and my kids think the drying racks are a tent. :) So, needless to say. Laundry doesn't happen without a dryer around here.

Thankfully, we have a wonderful friend who is willing to help us fix it. We thought it was the heating element, but it looks like it may only be a component. Which is a cheap fix, Praise the Lord! So, hopefully our dryer will be back in commission soon. Or Isaac may be wearing some interesting outfits. We are one day away from running out of pants...  :)

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