Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home school ahead am getting so excited to start Kindergarten! I know I should have started it like 22 years ago, right! I am so excited to get to start officially doing Kindergarten with Isaac and preschool will start with Asher. We have been doing preschool for almost 2 years around here to see if it could really work for us.

Now, the time has come and we will be starting on Kindergarten material soon! So, I thought I'd share with you some of our curriculum plans.
I have decided to use My Father's World as our curriculum structure for the year. One of my friends allowed me to borrow hers so that was a big savings. I will let you know what I think once we get into it a bit, but for now I love that it is Bible based. I feel like Isaac is a little further ahead of where this starts, but I will use this for both Isaac and Asher just moving at a pace that works for each of them. This will cover our Bible, science, and some social studies. I will use some of the ideas for phonics, but from what I have heard it is some what weak in the areas of reading and math. 
We have been slowly working through the hooked on Phonics K program. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hooked on Phonics! I bought a few different sets awhile back when they were running some crazy awesome sales so I have K-1st already. I can't say enough about Hooked on Phonics. I am an ADD mom and some of the programs I have looked at have made my head spin or bored me to death. These come with everything you need in the kit, it is fun and colorful, and so straight forward. I can't say enough good things. 

For math we will be using A beka math for Kindergarten. I am looking forward to researching more math programs and land on what we plan to use in the future. We are attending a home school conference at the end of March. I plan on checking out a lot of our choices for next year and beyond.

I will have lots of other fun supplemental manipulative and other goodies as well, but I feel like I have narrowed down my basics. Until I go to the conference and see all the cool stuff that is out there.  :)

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