Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ecomaids of Dayton review

So, a few weeks ago I won a free cleaning from Ecomaids of Dayton from Mommin it up. Friday was the day that they came to clean. I was super excited. One thing that made me really happy is that all the products they use are ecofriendly. We are (for the most part) a bleach free home. I started this long ago before Dan and I were married and I try to maintain this especially with little ones around. So, the idea of having professionals come in with products that won't hurt us or the enviornmet made me jump up and down. Seriously, when I won I jumped up and down like I'd won a thousand dollars. Plus, the fact that some one else would come in and do my dirty work was pretty exciting.
                                                                                                                                                                           The ladies who came were very friendly. They got right to work and didn't mind my kiddos and the craziness that came with them. Before they left I had to do an inspection. So, I did a quick look at each room and they all looked great. The counters were sparkly, the microwave looked like new. The front of my fridge looked great. They had dusted my entertainment center so my kids couldn't practice their art skills in the dust any more. My bathroom looked great. No smears on the mirror, no pee on the floor (yes, this is common in my house), even the faucet looked good. I saw them dusting out the fans, and they even did floors! So with my inspection done I signed a paper saying I was satisfied and then they took off. They left me a cute little bath set, too. I do love presents! So, I was happy.

However, once I got into my kitchen I was standing and admiring how pretty it looked I did notice a few things. my stove top was sparkly white, but the burners and pans had not been touched. There was still a noodle that had dropped from dinner the night before just hanging out there. Then I looked at my base boards and they didn't look a whole lot cleaner. So I took a wet rag to them and noticed the corner still had a ton of crumbs. My rag was full of dog and cat hair and dirt and kitchen yuck. I was a little bummed because I surface clean most days. I was really hoping they would be doing some deep cleaning.  Next I moved to the living room. Before they left I had asked about window since mine were still a mess. They said they don't do windows...ok, no biggie, but when I went to clean them there was still a decent amount of dirt in the bay window. My bedroom also looked pretty, and really the only thing I noticed right after they left was that they didn't dust the blinds. Again, not a big deal, just one of those deep clean things I was hoping they would do. At bed time though I did find some dust clumps from the fan that were hanging out on my bed. Then there was the bathroom. I was the most excited about this. With as many little boys as there are hanging out here my potty can get nasty. So, I was very pleased to have a deep clean here. However, when I lifted the lid the bowl had not been cleaned. That isn't even a deep clean kind of thing. It's more of a first thing kind of thing. My shower had been cleaned, but none of the bottles on the shelves had been lifted and wiped under. Both things were very quick and easy fixes, but I would think they would have been done.

Now, I will say that I didn't get a deep clean. I just stuck with the freebie that I had won. So, some of the things I had hoped for are a little extra from what it looks like. Some of the things that weren't done are supposed to be done in a routine clean.  

I am so thankful that I won. It was great timing because we have a birthday party today. I am so glad that it was free help. However, I think had I paid for the services I might be a little disappointed. I felt like overall it was a great surface clean. The ladies did a good job of making my house look pretty. I don't think that this was the deep clean I was hoping for, but I also have never had my house professionally cleaned so I don't know what is normal to expect. I did pull up the site and here is the cleaning checklist they used. So, if you are interested in using Ecomaids you can have a more in depth idea of what to expect.

Update: I wanted to let you know that Sid, the owner of Ecomaids, called after the cleaning to ask if I was satisfied. I let him know about the areas I felt were not done well in my opinion. He sent a team out to fix anything I felt was not 100%. He even came himself to make sure the job was done well. I am very impressed with a business that guarantees their work and is willing to fix any inconsistencies. The customer service is fabulous. Thank you, EcoMaids.  

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Thank you Abby, we appreciate the opportunity.