Sunday, February 20, 2011

5 years ago

5 years ago today
Life changed in an instant
I became a mommy
We started growing our family
You came into this world. 

7lbs 6oz 21.5in long 4:22am
You look just like your daddy
You act just like your mommy
You have made me smile every day for five years

You are growing up 
You are a wonderful big brother
You care about your friends
You love to learn
You make us laugh
You give crazy hugs and wrestle to love
You are energy in motion
You are perpetual noise
You never stop talking
You love being surrounded by people you love
You love every one

My oldest child
lover of soccer, hot chocolate, and wii
my  pickle eater
The keeper of the schedule and man with a plan
My great traveler 

I can't believe five years has gone by
It feels like not long at all ago that they put you in my arms
I had no idea what I was doing
Then they sent us home and it started to feel real
Yep, we were parents, and this baby is ours
Now, five years later I can't imagine life with out you

You still look just like your daddy
You still act just like your mommy
You have taught me so much
And you continue to teach me more and more
I am so proud of you
I am so thankful that God saw fit to make you my son
I love you

Happy Birthday, Isaac!

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Amber said...

such a sweet post for your lil man! happy birthday to him!!!!