Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weight watching update

Ok, so I haven't updated much because, well there hasn't been much to update. I took a week off last week from counting points, but stayed the same weight. The weeks before that I was counting points and working out...stayed the same weight. I'm a little frustrated. Especially since my hubby who joined me on this has lost almost 20lbs and is where he was when we got married... I'm not bitter, why? Anyway, Plugging along working toward a goal...so on so forth.


Amber said...

i feel ya! last week i lost a big zero and this past week just one pound. i'm going to try to crack down with the exercise this week and i'm hoping for a better number next week!!! losing weight is so tough but we can't give up :)

Cory, Beth, and Izabella said...

Hang in there! Keep working and you'll start to see progress soon.