Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little blessings

Isaac had Tuesday school today. So that means we have to be out the door no later than 8 to pick up Brody and get there in time to unload and have my train of children in class. I was so tired, and I would have over slept, but Bayley decided to bark at something and wake me up. May not seem like a blessing, but I needed it.

Then we get everyone to school and I got to go to the gym and have a few minutes just to move a bit. That is just a nice feeling. Then we went and got Asher's haircut. They didn't have time on the books, but we sat for a few minutes and the appointment didn't show so he got a hair cut. (He looks so handsome now.) That is a blessing because had we not got in we would have had to come back and messed up naps making the rest of the day poopy.

Once we got to Tuesday school to pick up the boys one of my friends had a bag of bottles and formula samples for me. YAY!!! Then when I was waiting in line another friend asked me if I liked coffee because Starbucks gave her a free caramel cappuccino. HOORAY! Asher started throwing a temper tantrum so I was attempting to carry him out in one hand and levi in the other while still trying to herd the older boys to the van. So, by the time I got to my van I could have been very frustrated, but I had coffee so the screaming from the little ones in the back was almost completely drown out by the YUM of my drink. I didn't want to even think about how many points were in the cup until I looked at the label and it said LIGHT.   AMAZING!!

Plus, the boys went down pretty well for a nap and I got to watch a show on DVR so today has been full of little blessings. God is good in everything. Even the little things.

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Cory, Beth, and Izabella said...

Isn't God amazing? I LOVE how you just stop and think, "Wow, that was totally God" when certain things happen. I am blown away that He cares enough about us to throw in those "little" blessings that totally brighten our day. So glad that you had a good day ;-)