Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watching my weight the saga continues

Well, I'm really not seeing a huge change in numbers. So far my grand total lost is 15lbs. That is a good start. I would like to see at least 45 more lost by Thanksgiving, but we will see. I know that healthy weight loss is about a pound a week. I"m trying to remember that. I am enjoying eating some healthier foods and working out more. I'm hoping to get to the gym more than I have lately. I have not been good about going with the snow. Just wanted to keep an update as I go. Hopefully, soon there will be more to report.


Amber said...

congrats on the 15, that's awesome! i'm stuck at 10 lbs lost. need to get my butt to the gym more!!!

Cory, Beth, and Izabella said...

Abs, 15 is great! Make sure that your goals aren't too lofty. I'm not sure how you would lose 45 more pounds! Just focus on being healthy, that is the most important thing. :-)