Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lowe's buil and grow workshop

Today Isaac and Dan went to Lowe's for a build and grow workshop. Isaac had a blast. They built a Lowebot which is a car that turns into a robot. Isaac was very excited that he got to use a hammer. (Scary, I know). Isaac could not stop talking about what a great time he had. Plus, time alone with Daddy is very special. 

The only problem I had was that we preregistered, and still we missed the first class. I wish they would have let you know that more than 50 could register and you just have to get there early to get a spot. Dan got there on time, but he was 2 people away from being in the first class. Luckily they did have another class immediately following. ( I didn't know that there were two classes.)

I did love that it was FREE. What a great deal it was too. Isaac got an apron, safety goggles, a certificate, a badge for completion, and of course the project itself. Aside from the wait this was an awesome time for the guys. I am signing  him up for the next workshop. Which is a table top basket ball hoop. I know that will be a hit as well.  

If you have a little one who would enjoy this check out the site for a participating Lowe's near you.

Thanks, Amy

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