Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grocery budget check up

This year I have been tracking my savings to see exactly how much I am spending and how much I am saving. After evaluating our budget and goals we have decided to up our budget to $250 monthly. Now that Levi is fully on formula we needed some wiggle room. Plus, with trying to eat a bit healthier and switch to more organics (specifically dairy). I was curious to see how I would do.

In January we spent a total of $258.87 with a savings of 43%. This month we spent $275.66 with a savings of 51%. I did stock up on a lot of meat this month so I think that is where my overage is. Hopefully this coming month will be a little better. I have noticed that I'm making a lot healthier meals. I noticed the junk food shelf of my stock pile has gone down while the health food section is growing. I'm glad to feed my family food that is better for them. It is definitely worth a little extra. 

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