Monday, February 15, 2010

sales stink

Well, this is the second week in a row that sales are not too exciting. Luckily I have a stockpile and this has been a good time to work through this. It has also been good to just get a handful of dairy and produce items. I'm still trying to figure out what eating healthy within our budget looks like. I've had several different people give me some great ideas. Now it is learning how to apply what works for our family and in our budget. I've been able to find a lot of organics at decent prices. Meijer has an organic brand and it tends to be pretty competitively priced. As I was looking at this week's menu there is a lot of pizza or pizza type foods. But that is a lot of what I have had on hand so it is what we will eat this week. I'm also hoping to get some serious soup cooking done this week. We have been eating through most of what I had frozen and I've been given some really good recipes I want to try. So here is my meal plan for the week:

French toast
PBJ, raisins, cheese
BBQ chicken pizza, fruit salad, peas

Chicken nuggets, cottage cheese, green beans
Stuffed bread

Pigs in a blanket, carrot sticks, string cheese
House church

Bagel pizzas, applesauce, peas
Potato soup

Cinnamon rolls
Pot pie or leftovers
Pizza (Isaac's birthday)


youth group

I'm planning on hopefully doing a day of cooking and freezing soup too. Here is my list to make
Baked Potato x2
Tortilla x2
Chicken noodle
chicken broth

Whole wheat bread rolls
Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

So the sales stink, but we will still have lots to eat and hopefully I can clean out my pantry to prepare for some good sales to come. Positive thinking, right?

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