Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project grocery budget

I have to admit. I have gotten lazy as of late with our grocery budget. With sales and coupons not being what they used to be I have been doing a poor job with saving. And we have been trying to eat healthier which is much more expensive. Add that to the fact that grocery prices seem to have skyrocketed as of late and our grocery costs have more than doubled!

So, what's a mom to do? I have a plan. You see before I started couponing I was still on a strict budget. When we were first married I was working two jobs and Dan was finishing school. I decided that my best money saving tool was to stay out of the stores. I may not be able to control the cost, but if I stay out of the store I won't buy as many impulse buys. So, I'm hoping to only go to the grocery every other week unless I run out of milk or eggs.

I am still menu planning and freezer cooking which saves time, money, and sanity. This month I am going to try to menu plan mostly from what I have on hand here at home. I'm hoping to do a better job planning out lunches and breakfasts as well.

We live really close to a grocery store. As long as it is nice out I'm planning to walk to the store for my "quick trips". If I know I only need milk, eggs, and bananas then I'm much more likely not to over buy if I know I have to carry it all home. Plus, it is saving on gas (which is a whole different budget issue).

Of course, I will still coupon and stockpile. I will shop the sale ads as always. I will just try to be smarter than I have been. I have allowed the rising costs to be an excuse for not following my budget, but I have to be more disciplined.

How about you? How are you saving with rising costs? Any tips for me?

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Amber said...

oh i feel ya sister! i'm trying to crack down too. i was very strict about making a list for only my meals and only buying those things at the store (no snacks or any extras) and the bill was much better this week! grocery+gas=yikes these days!