Monday, March 19, 2012

Just another manic Monday

Today, I woke up at 5:40 to go to the Y. I didn't want to get up. It's times like those when I am thankful for my exercise buddy because without her I'd have stayed in bed. But I got up and went, worked out, hurried home to shower and get ready. I had a dentist appointment today. It was my first ever crown. YUCK!

So, thankfully my neighbor took my two youngest for me. I took the two older boys and their 3DSs. Once the dentist got in my mouth she decided it was best to do a root canal. Wonderful. So, there went my morning. I am so so so thankful that my friend was willing to keep the boys a lot longer than expected. She even walked them down to McDonalds and bought them happy meals. She rocks!

Also, since I ended up needing a root canal I had to switch to a different doc halfway through. Fun thing about that is my close friend is his assistant. So, she got to stab me with a needle and mock me while my mouth was pried open and I couldn't defend myself. Ah, true friendship. I'm pretty sure she even took some pics with her magic phone while I wasn't looking.

Now I'm home. I'm supposed to take IBprofen. But I need to take it with food. I'm hungry, but I can't feel my mouth. At ALL. I will admit. I am really glad no one is here to watch me trying to eat soup and ice cream with one side of my mouth. I look very special with drool.

All the boys are resting. We will get minimal school done, and I'm ok with that because honestly, I feel like I got sucker punched in the jaw.  I have a feeling I will be eating soup and mashed potatoes for the next couple of days.  Oh yes, it's Monday.

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