Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dentist visit

Today we went in for the boy's dental check ups and cleaning. Every one has healthy teeth with no cavities! As a momma, I am always nervous that one or all of my kiddos will have something wrong and I will feel crazy guilty for not doing enough. However, Both my big boys have an overbite, and crowded teeth. Translation, start saving lady, the orthodontist is going to rip your bank account a new one. Ah, the joy of children.

It was amazing to me though the difference six months makes. Last time we went Little Man was terrified. He screamed and kicked. He didn't get his teeth cleaned and the dentist had to hold him down to look. This time he jumped right up in the seat and sat perfectly. He opened wide, and he proudly displayed all his pearly whites. He is also very proud of all his loot. A Diego toothbrush, flouride free toothpaste, an Elmo sticker, and a bouncy ball all came home in a bag. A bag which my precious two year old has not put down all day. It even napped with him. He makes me laugh. I love how excited the little things, like a new tooth brush make my kids.

Next week is Hubby and my appointments. I know that I am not cavity free. I will be singing the sad song next week after hearing how much work I will need done. I had great teeth until pregnancy. Now they are awful. The things we mommas go through for our little ones. :)

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