Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pretty project

Since I first laid eyes on it I have loved the coffee filter wreath. I have said I would make one for forever, and I finally did. I am in love with pintrest.  I find so many good ideas and I actually follow through with a few of them. :)

One thing I found and LOVE is the idea to go to the hardware store and buy pipe insulation. Cut it down to the size you desire and use duct tape to make a wreath. This is about 10% of the cost of a wreath in the craft store.

So this wreath cost under $3 after the foam, coffee filters, ribbon, and  a bit of duct tape. I just hot glued my scrunched brown coffee filters while watching some Grey's anatomy (don't judge me).  I kinda wish I could tie a cuter ribbon, but other than that I love it. Plus, it works well in my front window. So that's a plus. I think I may have a wreath obsession. But they are so fun to make. Plus, it's cool to have wreaths hanging ALL over your house....right?

1 comment:

RNSomewhere said...

It's even cooler to watch Grey's Anatomy. BWAHAHAHA! I love this project, and I love you, girl!