Monday, October 17, 2011


Today, Isaac had an eye doctor's appointment. Since his eyes were dilated he is having a hard time seeing. His doc's office is right across the street from a very fancy grocery store in our area called Dorothy Lane Market or DLM for the locals.

Our history lesson today is on Italy. So, I thought I'd use this as an excuse to buy myself some of the most amazing tiramisu EVER   get a few treats to expose the children to Italian cuisine. I set out a tray to show the kids that many of the foods we eat are inspired from Italy. (I am well aware that Tombstone pizza is far from authentic, but it gets a point across.) Can you say cheese and carbs. YUM. We talked about how pizza originated in Italy and they were hooked. Pizza, spaghetti, Alfredo, and bread are a few popular items around here. They got to smell some garlic, and you can tell that I use it a lot because they all said YUM at the straight smell of it.

We talked about how we eat lots of foods that are from Italy. The alfredo sauce is a special favorite. Bubba was giving it a little hug.

I bought a small package of handmade mozzerella at DLM as well. It was fun because the kids got to see a little of how it is made.  There was a display that gave some ideas of how to serve the yummy snack. We decided to try putting a bit of olive oil and ground pepper on it. It was yummy. Plus it was easy to let the kids "make".

We found Italy on the map. We saw how it is shaped like a boot. We learned about the Colosseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, gondolas, and talked about the Mona Lisa (with a brief TMNT reference as we talked about the artist.)

I am not a super adventurous person, but I want to visit Italy some day. I want to see Rome, I want eat the food, I want to take pictures at the Colosseum, I want to eat the food, I want to visit a vineyard, I want to eat more food, I would love to ride in a gondola in the canals of Venice, and did I mention the food. This is one of those places I hope I have the opportunity to visit in my lifetime. I think the kids had fun with this lesson. I know I enjoyed helping them eat the majority of the tiramisu.

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