Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pintrest addict

I'm beginning to wonder if I will need an intervention because of my pintrest addiction. I will say though that it is keeping me busy. :) Last night for house church I was on dessert. I took advantage of the opportunity to try a new recipe. I had been curious about this 2 ingredient pumpkin cake. I happened to have everything on hand so I went for it.  I also made the apple cider glaze to go over it. It definitely needed the glaze in my opinion, but it was yummy. I didn't have any leftovers so it was a hit with our house church.

My favorite part of this recipe though is that it is SO EASY. I mean, seriously, you dump two ingredients in a mixer and bake. The glaze was also super easy and yummy. So, there you have it, another pintrest pin accomplished. Only 593 left to go.  :)

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