Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little happys

With all this rain we have been stuck inside. Which has been the perfect opportunity to finish some little projects. 

I have long enjoyed the yarn letters. So, I decided to make one of my own.

Sad to say I have had this wall word for almost a year, but haven't put it up yet. I finally just did it. I love it. Now we won 't forget our last name!
We did some kitchen organizing this weekend. It including bring this bookshelf into the dining room to give us a little more cupboard space. I think I like it there. 
Since we already at through most of the fruit that was in the big orange bowl I moved it and now the top shelf looks like this. I get bored easy so I move stuff all the time. It kind of drives my family nuts, but I have to try different things to figure out what looks best. :P

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RNSomewhere said...

Abby, you have the most fun projects. Thanks for sharing! :)