Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been trying to figure out a reward system for our kids. 
I feel like they are too young for a straight up allowance, but I wanted a system in place to reward good behavior and punish unacceptable behavior. 
So here is what I came up with. I'm sure it isn't a new idea, but it is to us. 
I went to Flower Factory and bought a roll of raffle tickets for $5.
When one of the boys does a good job on chores, school, obedience, and has a happy heart about it they can earn a ticket. 
When they choose to complain or disobey or be unkind they have to give me a ticket.
We set up these bags so they are in control of keeping their own tickets. 
It isn't fancy or amazing, but it seems to be working well.
They are rewarded based on the number of tickets they have. 
5=pick out of prize box
15=special dessert
Does any one else have a cool system in place for your kids I'd love to hear what every one else does.

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