Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thomas Playdate...

When Dan and I found out we were having a boy we decided that we were not huge character people. I started my protest of characters with baby items. No Pooh Bear was in my kid's nursery or clothing. The next big one we avoided was Thomas the train. He was so expensive and it seemed like every kid we knew was obsessed.

This worked with Isaac until Spiderman and the rebirth of Toy Story, but Asher is a character kid. Especially Thomas. So, as good parents we have allowed the train to reign in our house. He will be the theme of Asher's birthday party and he is on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

So, all that to say this. If your child is also a Thomas fan then you may want to make your way over to Toys R Us this Saturday from 11-1. There will be a Thomas play date. All the info is here if you are interested.

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