Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of Tuesday School

The big boys started there first full day of Tuesday school today. 

They are getting so big so fast.  Isaac is 4 and he is so funny. I love his love for people and his crazy, fun loving, energetic personality.

Asher will be three in only a few days. How did that happen! He is becoming quite the character. He is a handful and a sweetheart all at the same time. 
Then we picked up Brody. It is so funny to listen to these three having a conversation in the backseat.  I am beginning to understand how my dad felt when he drove car pool.

They all went into their class with no looking back. They did not need me to help with anything. While this is a little sad. I had Levi clinging to my shirt so, it's kind of nice to see some growing independence. So, here's to a great year of school. I know there will be lots of great stories and laughs as the year progresses. 

For comparison sake here is what our first day looked like last year. Time flies.

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The Rogersuz said...

SO adorable!!! Love it:)