Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I love Thursday: Cuddles

This morning I got up and went to the Y for a run. When I got home the house was quiet and dark. I quietly went back to my dark room to find a sleeping hubby. I knew it was time for him to get up (45 mins ago) so I started chatting with him a bit.

After only about two minutes I heard the creaking of a door. Tiny footsteps, and then quiet. My little man was my early riser this morning. He crept out of his bed, but had stopped at the stairs because it was all dark. So, I went to pick him up. He snuggled close and softly started patting my back. He is so sweet. He always does this. Cuddles with soft pats or back rubs. Seriously, melts a momma's heart.  I brought him back to our room and we all got a little cuddle time. We were soon joined by Bubba. I love our group cuddle times. I love when they all pile in our bed and snuggle under the covers. I love having all my little boys pile for sweet moments that turn into crazy wrestling.

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