Thursday, January 19, 2012

Close call

So, Little man is now 2 and a half. Kind of crazy. I'm trying to figure out which of his brothers he will closest follow when it comes to potty training. #1 HATED potty training. He loathed it. He screamed cried and refused until he was well past three. Seriously, this was my biggest prayer concern for months. I was terrified the kid would go to college in diapers. Round 2 was so easy I missed it. I found him one day sitting on the potty. He had taken off his diaper thrown it away put on a pair of his brothers underwear and we were done. That was it. He was 2!

So, the past few days we have been testing the waters a little. After nap when I change the baby he gets to wear underwear for a little bit. Usually about an hour. He thinks it's fun, and it is good to start the foundation. However, today in my forgetfulness I put him in underwear and put his pants back on. Then we played, ate dinner, and went to the store. I forgot completely he was not in a diaper...oops. Thankfully he didn't have an accident and he happily sat on the potty before bed. No luck, but so glad he stayed dry that long. This could be the beginning of something wonderful.

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