Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Freezer cook

Time again for another freezer cook!  The daddys took the kids out so we could work! We tend to get more done without four little ones running around. We have good husbands that are willing to help.
Tami is perky and ready to go early in the morning. This is her shredding chicken for our Mexican Casserole. This looked yummy!
Here is most of the pantry goods that would turn into all our yummy meals.
So much Chicken

This is the sauce for the yummy Mexican Casserole.

Loaded Potato soup looks good.
Tami may or may not be dancing while cooking. You know that's how we roll.
Proof I was there.
Don't these look so good!

So after about 7 hours we ended up with 31 meals each (62 total). Here was the line up:

Most made two meals for each of us (four total). A few of the meals gave us three. Now my freezer is full and I am happy.

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Anonymous said...

It all looks great! Jennae and I have been talking about doing this. Would love to talk with you about how to get started and such. Love ya - Mere