Saturday, January 21, 2012

School day fun

I haven't been posting quite as much lately. I wanted to give an update on what we are doing in school. We are still enjoying K12 this year. Isaac has done an amazing job with the work. He is all the way done with Kindergarten math, phonics and language arts. He has moved into the first grade level and is still doing awesome. I love the literature program that they use. The phonics program is pretty good, but I supplement a bit with where we need to work more and skip some they focus on since we have it mastered. While I like some of the math program I find myself looking for some other ways to cover concepts just a little differently. Overall, though I think this really works for us for now.
Something fun we've been doing is reading through the little house books. I am so excited to start these with my boys. I loved this series as a little girl and it is so fun reading them again.
Bubba is very excited about school also. He is moving along so well. Bubba loves to feel like a big kid, and I love watching how excited he gets to learn.

Then there is little man. He is keeping me on my toes. He wants to do school too. Much of his seat work is coloring and art. This kid may be my artist. He wants to draw all day long. He sits longer than either of the other boys did at his age. That is so encouraging!

We are having a hard time feeling quite as motivated to work after the holidays, but little by little we are getting back into a routine. So, that is what we've been up to.

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