Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter

 We had to dye some eggs. It is getting to be so much fun to do these things with my kiddos. Especially as they get older and enjoy it and are able to participate more.
 Yep, I still like to dye eggs.
 What? I'm not supposed to mix these?
 And he's on the table, of course.
 Pretty little eggs.
 We attended the yearly Easter egg hunt at Cross View Christian Church. Levi had soo much fun. He loved putting the eggs in his basket.
 There were stickers and pictures to color.

 Levi loved this bucket. He is easily amused I guess.
 Isaac had to get his picture with this bunny.
Here are the baskets with all the Easter goodies. 
Dan's parents came in to celebrate with us. 
We went to church on Saturday evening. It was so nice to stay home on Sunday and enjoy some time as a family. We let the kids play with their baskets. We did a little hunt in our house. We had a big breakfast and then a big lunch. The guys played Wii for a long time. Isaac played wii so hard he fell asleep. It was a great day. I am so thankful for our family and of course for the gift Jesus gave to us all.

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